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Bulk Pricing on UA Cups

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To buy UA Cups (multi panel drug test cups) in large quantities, please contact us and will quote you the lowest price possible. We are equipped to deliver in any quantity that you desire. Whether you need 500 to 1,000,000 6 panel, 10 panel or 12 panel cups, we can deliver them to you at the best prices in the industry. We are also capable of making custom, multi panel cups, configured as you like, with your logo.* 

All of our cups are FDA approved & CLIA Waived. We manufacture to the highest standards for accurate results. Our cups are trusted by Doctors and Hospitals.

THC Cartridges, Saliva tests and s full range of Individual test strips, are also available in bulk pricing. We offer a selection of test strips for forensic use only, such as the FYL - Fentanyl strip.

Home drug tests for retail sale in your store are also available. Contact us to become a vendor.

*Custom cups require a minimum order of 5,000 and take about 6-8 weeks to deliver.

12 Panel Drug Test. FDA Approved & CLIA Waived.